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In astrology, it is relatively easy to identify a person’s individual strengths. Your natal chart emphasizes your mental area to state the individual success and direction. If you have a thriving career, it reflects high status in society.

People will like to be around you and interact with you if you are doing extremely well in your career. One can attain a healthy amount of health with a successful career. According to astrology, the tenth house of the birth chart is the house of a career. The position of Saturn is observed first when predicting someone’s career.

Confusions are likely to occur when deciding on the ideal career path, and it is agreeable that selecting a career can be a vigorous decision. The selection of a career path is associated with determining destiny and proving your worth to yourself. Everything depends on this decision, whether it’s a tedious job or a big business, helping the community as a whole, or making policies or resources. Consult online astrologers for free Kundli predictions for career and get an accurate reading of your horoscope.

About Career Number

An array of methods exists in determining oneself. Your career might also involve this. Numerology is one of those several methods of Kundli 2023 prediction. The numbers and the patterns revealed in them are everything that numerology is based on. Thus, they are figurative and require accurate understanding to secure meaningful predictions out of them. However, a precisely done numerological prediction might tell a lot about the compatibility you will have at your place of work. Not only this, but it can also notify you of the best-suited job for your personality and lifestyle.  

As per numerology, there are 5 types of core number concepts, and each, individually or together, is studied to know more about a person. These are Career Number, Heart Desire, Expression Number, Birthday Number, and Personality Number.

Job Timing as Per the Planetary Positions in One’s Natal Chart

We have already mentioned that the tenth house in your natal chart is the career house. Thus, the planetary bodies in this house, their influence on the governing planet of the tenth house and other factors determine the job timing. Let us now talk about the various situations that affect the timing of getting a job.

1. If Rahu is positioned in the tenth house of the natal chart:

There are several probabilities of these conjunctions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The placement of Rahu in the tenth house will bring promotions and fame as you reach the age of 32.
  • You’ll get employment at around 25 to 28 years of age. But you’ll see the growth and success only after you reach the age of 32.
  • It even indicates that you can make a large sum of money as you reach the age of 40.

2. If Saturn is positioned in the tenth house of the birth chart:

Saturn’s placement in the 10th tenth house is an indication of delaying getting employment. Although other benefic planets, such as Jupiter, help in getting employment by age 25, Saturn will hinder you from getting success until you reach 32. But, after reaching 32, Saturn will aid in getting a government job.

3. If the Lord of the tenth house is in the seventh house of the natal chart:

This combination is a sign that you’ll secure a job after getting married and not before that.

Career Predictions of Today

Astrology considers the zodiac sign of an individual and gives predictions plus remedies. The unique positions of the planetary bodies in one’s zodiac sign based on the time and date of birth can help a person decide on the right career path.

The career prediction of today will notify you of the auspicious time when you can seek a desirable job. It even helps in knowing the ideal strategy to rise to the top in your career and attaining recognition and a decent reputation. Additionally, it helps you determine the correct roads for earning a livelihood to lead a joyful life.

Best Career Choices for Each Zodiac Sign

  • Aries: Entrepreneur, soldier
  • Gemini: Journalist, architect, stockbroker
  • Leo: Artist, actor, journalist
  • Taurus: Fashion designer, manager, lawyer, financial advisor
  • Virgo: Therapist, executive assistant, statistician, investor
  • Libra: Hospitality professional, legal analyst, entrepreneur
  • Capricorn: Teacher, computer programmer, accountant, bank manager
  • Aquarius: Mediator, trainer, data analyst, scientist
  • Leo: Event manager, actor, marketer, designer.
  • Cancer: Teacher, social worker, caterer
  • Sagittarius: Instructor, travel agent, investigator, development officer
  • Pisces: Salesperson, philanthropist, recruiter, psychologist

 Summing Up

Our career horoscope is strongly affected by every planet in the solar system. To figure out more about your future and self, contact a certified astrologer right now. We hope this post has given you some insights into your future and job prospects.

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