How can astrology help in finding a soul mate?

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Today’s generation of people is searching for their soulmates without any astrological help. Some relationships are still going great, while some got divorced. A person can take some suggestions from the best astrology app. It may help you know whether a relationship will work for a longer time. There are several ways astrology helps find a soul mate, and this article is for the same.

Role Of House And Planets In Love Astrology

There are 12 houses in horoscopes, but few of them are responsible for love astrology.

  • The 10th house in horoscopes is responsible for our past life and karma.
  • The 5th house in horoscopes is responsible for the love and bond between two individuals.
  • The 7th house in horoscopes is responsible for marital happiness and the relationship between two soulmates.
  • Your ascendant is important for determining the depth of love between both love partners.
  • Jupiter and Venus are planets responsible for enhancing and displaying the pearl of happiness and love in a relationship or marital relations.
  1. Filling Your Natal Chart

To make a natal chart, you require information about the time, date, and year of your birth. To know the data accurately, look at the birth certificate. It is important to have correct data to create the correct natal chart. You can also match your natal chart with your partner or girlfriend to get their information. It will also help in making your accurate natal chart.

You will find a lot of websites where you can do a Google search to gather information. When you enter your information, it will show your natal chart in circle form. It is the first step toward finding your soulmate through astrology. You can also show your natal chart to an online astrologer. By looking at your natal chart, you can find out with whom you are most compatible.

You should check the seventh house of Mars, Venus, and the north nodes. These 3 components are crucial to figuring out with whom you will be comfortable lifelong and deciding your soulmate. Everyone should give special attention to their natal chart and get useful information.

  • Compatibility Of Seventh House

There is a sign of the rising sun on the left side of your natal chart. This sign is also known as your ascendant or the seventh house. It contains a symbol of the rising sun which can be any of the zodiac signs according to the symbol. As soon as you identify your rising sign, you can easily use it to understand more about your soulmate.

It is not only necessary to know your rising sign, but you should know about the opposite sign too. These opposite signs will most likely be your perfect soulmate in the future. The opposite signs attract each other and fulfill each other’s requirements. Here are some opposite zodiac signs:

  • Opposite Aries is Libra.
  • Opposite Taurus is Scorpio.
  • Gemini and Sagittarius can be great couples.
  • Cancer with Capricorn can become the best soulmate of each other.
  • Leo can pair up with Aquarius to become a great soulmate.
  • Virgo and Pisces are great support for each other.

It would help if you tried to select a soulmate with opposite signs because they will be compatible for a lifetime.

  • Connection Of Mars and Venus

If you have a natal chart, then look at the degree of Mars and Venus in your chart. Venus is responsible for being happy with each other. Mars is responsible for who among you will be sexually active. At the bottom of your natal chart, you will find a key explaining the degree of Mars and Venus in your chart.

You can compare the degree with another person’s chart as soon as you know the numbers. If you and your partner are compatible, the degree between Mars and Venus will be under 10. Suppose Mars has 15 degrees; your soulmate’s degree should be between 10 and 20 degrees. The closeness of degree will represent how much both will love each other.

  • North Nodes Of Moon Compatibility

Your north node will only be active when you meet someone important. You can get the exact north node date with an online calculator. You can compare your north node dates to someone else’s dates. Some astrologers believe that when two people share the same nodes, both have some spiritual connection. In most cases, your node matches if both have near birthdays or the age difference is 9 to 10 years old.


Some couples stay together for many years because they marry each other according to zodiac signs or astrology. Everyone can compare their natal chart before marrying each other. Their marital life can be successful and filled with happiness.

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