Beginners Guide: Get To Know the Levels of Being High

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Levels of Being High

There is no similar cannabis experience because each person’s endocannabinoid system is as unique as a fingerprint. A 5 mg THC edible can significantly impact one person’s experience while having little effect on another. One of the best brands in the CBD world is known as twisted extracts Canada, and becoming very popular day by day.

In 2023, identifying the best place to buy cigarettes online 2023 was a hot topic among smokers. The internet hosts a plethora of choices, ranging from official brand websites to specialized online retailers. Smokers navigated through these options to find reliable sources that offered quality products, including popular brands like Playfare’s Light.

Before diving into the complexities of that cannabis adventure or getting high, you should be aware of a few essential facts. According to a 2017 National Health Institute study, the two primary routes for obtaining THC highs are ingestion and smoking or vaping.

The effects of smoking or vaping become apparent minutes after they enter the body. The high can lasts up to two hours and usually hits between 20 and 30 minutes after ingestion. When THC is consumed, the liver filters it before it enters the bloodstream. The high peak may occur between two and three hours after ingestion. The effects could last up to twenty-four hours, depending on the dosage.

If you’re new to cannabis or unsure what to expect, the stoned spectrum can help you connect your personal experience with the experiences of others. Please check the high-level phases outlined below.

The Ten Levels of Body High

The psychoactive component of marijuana is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC enters your system through the lungs when you smoke or vape marijuana. Its blood concentration is at its highest immediately after smoking. 

You may experience multiple stages of intoxication as the amount of THC in your blood fluctuates over time. Blood THC levels frequently peak when euphoria is at its peak.

Stage 1 

Typically, cannabis enters your body through your mouth and nose. While consuming edibles, terpene traces can also predict your high’s direction, length, and potency. Taking a deep breath and enjoying the flavour of your weed can significantly improve your cannabis experience.

It is too early to notice any effects within the first minute and a half of smoking. THC has not yet been injected into the brain. 

However, dizziness can occur if you are breathing heavily. You will notice it quickly if it has nothing to do with cannabis. This phase ends when you begin to reflect on what has just happened. You are no longer sober at the moment.

If you have eaten edible, you should avoid making plans for the next few hours. If you are unsure whether you have consumed a conventional sweet treat or one containing THC, the high may appear gradually. You must be patient if you want to get high. The wait will be well worth it!


Stage 2

To produce the psychoactive effect, THC crosses the blood-brain barrier and binds to CB1 receptors. This activation can happen immediately after smoking a cigarette, minutes later, or hours later after eating a delectable delicacy.

Several factors influence activation, but once the blood-brain barrier is breached, the core effects of cannabis can begin to manifest. These side effects frequently manifest as tingling in the limbs and a slight change in cognition before affecting the entire body, gradually brightening and smoothing out rough edges.

Stage 3

The physical and mental effects should become more vital in stage three when euphoria begins to set in. How you take it, the strains, and your DNA all impact how long and intense this sensation lasts.

The high intensity of THC enters the bloodstream, making the user feel more relaxed, creative, and pain-free. The second and third stages are ideal for connecting with your body. Gentle stretches or other light physical activity are advised at this time.

Stage 4

Stages 2 to 4 may proceed so quickly and smoothly that a loud impact and a quick start may have no subtle effects. When the THC level in your blood reaches its peak, the high will begin – frequently abruptly.

To ensure a safe swoon, you must adjust your dosage based on your tolerance. It would be ideal if you tried to take a few more deep, calm breaths to help you ride with the moment.

Stage 5

You may feel a pull between gravity and elevation as your body adjusts to the psychoactive effects of marijuana. More THC in their bloodstream during this period may cause anxiety or stress.

The simplest way to avoid feeling immobilized or experiencing other extreme psychotropic symptoms at this time is to have a pre-planned activity or some CBD oil that mitigates the effects of THC.

This is also a great time to play video games, hang out with friends, or go for a walk while profoundly contemplating. If you’re high and want to let your mind wander, you can enjoy listening to music or taking a bath.

Stage 6

The effects of your preferred cannabis strain or other medications should intensify as your high progress. Whatever precise sensations or experiences this strain provides, regardless of the method of consumption, should be potent and authentic.

While euphoric strains may cause bursts of laughter, talkative strains may cause jaws to drop, and chill-out strains may keep you glued to your couch, focus-inducing strains may inspire out-of-this-world creativity. Others feel this peak when their THC blood levels are at their highest, and their bodies have adapted to that level.

This is the only state in which you can gradually reflect on your life and the world at large, allow your thoughts to wander, and possibly engage in valuable activities while enjoying the intense emotions.

Stage 7

The user has already experienced a sustained high by stage 7. Your eyes are undoubtedly bloodshot, your eyelids are most likely droopy, and you may have the munchies if your high allows it. Your edibles made with the cannabis gummy recipe will come in handy.

Contrary to popular belief, not all marijuana highs result in hunger. Several strains can suppress appetite. If your strain is notorious for consuming cravings, plan to avoid being stranded in the preceding stages without edibles or snacks.

Except for an increased appetite, as the THC in your endocannabinoid system depletes, you will notice a gradual lessening of effects. This period may last several hours or days. You can start enjoying your trip by smoking marijuana, eating edibles, eating other foods, or continuing whatever you began in Stage 5.

Stage 8

As THC leaves your system, anxiety can quickly fill the void. As a result, stage 8 is frequently the point at which dab users, bong rippers, and joint smokers decide to start over. Stage 8 is the best time to relax, get high, and drink tea.

Stage 9

A potent stage 7 may induce drowsiness or lethargy, in contrast to the euphoria felt throughout the rest of the high. Burnout is common in these circumstances. Do not resist or try to suppress this emotion as it arises. Give in to the urge and take a nap.

Stage 10

The most common side effect of stage 10 is a rapid fade of the high. Your body will become slightly more sensitive, as will your perceptions and cognition, but your consciousness will remain unchanged. 

The psychoactive effects of cannabis or THC have worn off at this point, but the impact of the numerous other cannabinoids has been significantly less beneficial than those of THC.

When you reach stage 10, it’s time to reflect on your high, what you liked about the strain, which high steps worked best for you, and what you can do to improve before your next high.

One can become intoxicated or high by consuming, vaping, or smoking marijuana. If you’ve never used marijuana before, you may be curious about how it affects your mood.

Where Can You Buy the Best Weed for Your High?

If you decide to buy marijuana, there is a good chance you can locate a nearby dispensary. More and more dispensaries are opening all over the country, making it easier to obtain high-quality marijuana. Do research before buying your weed because not all dispensaries are created equal. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find a local dispensary that sells the marijuana you’re looking for.

Cannabis can be purchased online through dispensaries. Customers can obtain high-quality marijuana from some dispensaries that offer customized strains. Grasslife is the best dispensary in Canada; this online store sells high-quality cannabis to recreational and medical cannabis users. More information can be obtained by checking the website. Although there are several online dispensaries, we can only recommend this one.


Consider that the effects of smoking cannabis can vary greatly depending on the consumer and the strain. Some people, for example, claim that marijuana makes them happy or calm. Others have reported changes in time, sensory perception, and solid urges to laugh and hunger.

When smoking marijuana, it is possible that you will not experience all of the stages above. Furthermore, being high makes almost everything more enjoyable. Understanding the steps will help you prepare for your first marijuana experience.

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